When you turn on your Digi SM-120 scale if it is Version 1.0.3 or 1.0.4 then you will need to upgrade the Eprom by dropping down four new files using the Mini Programmer tool.

If you see Version 1.0.5 then you have the latest Eprom and don’t need to worry about this.

To drop down our butchers demo program then you will need to install and drop down files using our Pyrobatch tool.

A step by step guide for

A. Upgrading the Eprom and

B. Dropping down our demo program can be found in this word document > SM120 Setup Guide

All of the files and programs that you will need can be found here: LabelNet


*Please note. Digi software is free to download. For assistance contact JP @ Langleys Distribution on 0044 121 544 5000


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